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About Sketchy

Sketchy Faces Digital Caricature  Entertainment

Serving Denver and Rocky Mountain Region Since 2010


In 2010 Sketchy Faces Caricature Co. began entertaining guests and visitors with fun, fast, and friendly caricatures at their cart in Downtown Denver on the 16th Street Mall. 

As time and technology evolved so did Sketchy Faces. We began drawing digital caricatures. Our early setup was much more bulky and difficult to travel with, but as with everything in tech tablets became smaller and no longer needed to be run through a laptop. This opened up a new era and we began drawing digitally on an iPad. This has allowed for a more condensed setup and even the ability to be wireless allowing Sketchy Faces more flexibility and freedom when performing at events such as trade shows, corporate events, and weddings.  

At Sketchy Faces Digital Caricature Entertainment we’re passionate about providing tangible memories for guests of your special event with our FUN, FAST, and FRIENDLY brand of caricature, that will connect your guests to your event for years to come. 


Questions? Shoot us an email. 

"Such an incredible experience! Mike was the funniest nicest guy and he is great at making you feel comfortable. He is so detail oriented and will do the best caricature you've ever seen! So happy we stopped and got to spend some time with him."

Kya Beyer

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"We had Sketchy Faces come to our wedding reception and our guests loved it! Have these guys at your event, you won't be disappointed!"

Scottie Usher and Jen Neary

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